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Okay, I realize that I work with a lot of "starving artists", as well as young people, poor furries, and refugees of other hosting services (furry and otherwise) that have trouble staying up. No offense to anyone who runs these services, but the net keeps getting tighter, and everyone (ISPs, line providers, and Data Centers included) need to watch their bottom line in this economy. It sucks, and the end users are the ones who hurt the most.

But okay, you've checked your wallet and your piggy bank, and you know there's no way you can afford six bucks a month plus another nine a year for a domain name. Hey, things are tight, I've been there too. But you still like the idea of webspace. Okay, here's how you can do it. Click each link below to find out more about it. A general note on any of the things below: Remember that while disk space and bandwidth are easier to allocate for "freebies", domain names are not free for me, therefore you stand a much better chance if you ask me to give you a subdomain of, or if you offer to cover the nine bucks for a domain name. A free services signup form is coming soon.

Note with any of these methods, there is no automatic approval. All I ask is that you email or IM me (links are on the bottom of this and every page), and tell me your story and what you're willing to offer. I love making deals and helping people out, but at the same time I want people to actually feel they've earned what I'm giving. Also note that I may not offer a full gigabyte of space depending on the nature of the trade. (I really can't limit your transfer, I don't believe in shutting down a site (ala Geocities) because it's too popular.) Now, here are your options:

  1. Allow me to commission you.
  2. Display my banner ads on your site.
  3. Ask if there's any work I need help with on the server.
  4. Refer customers to me.


Okay, seeing how many of the referrals I get here are from Furbid, and other furry/art sites, I'm willing to assume that some of the people reading this are capable of drawing. I'm willing to take up commisions on two levels. General Art of my character, which is described here (Rating: G). The other sort of commision is on a more "yiffy" level. It's freeform, but a list of things that I'd like to see included can be found here (Rating:R, yes, there's a password required), IM me and ask for it. In general I believe my prefrences are between me and the person doing the commision, that's why it's not public. For what it's worth, there are some poses I have in mind that can still be drawn fully clothed, so you don't necessarily have to compromise your ideals. For those of you that have them. *grin*

The important thing to remember here is that you should value your art at what I would pay for it if we weren't doing webhosting. If you routinely fetch $30 for a commision on Furbid, then that would normally cover six months of hosting. If you routinely fetch a lot more, we could be talking multiple years. Ask me, I'm sure we can arrive at something that's fair to both of us.

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Banner Ads

I hate this option, but I've had people ask me about it. Note that if I ever do this, it will be on the "honor system". I don't write server side code that sticks banners in and ruins your HTML coding. Instead I ask that you stick one of my banners somewhere on your site, and link it to I'd request that you "hot-load" the banner so I can see in my logs how many times it's being loaded and such. If you have a message board or a popular site, all the better. You are also welcome to design your own banner, as long as I can use it as a regular link from other sites as well. (This means you should email me a copy so I can put it on my banner page).

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Do my bidding!

Not like on Ebay or Furbid or anything, but I occasionally have projects that need doing, which have included:

If you're good at doing any of the above, email me, and essentially, commit yourself to do the work when I need it, and I can get you set up right away. As the person contracting the work and, in essence, paying you in advance, I reserve the right to ask for samples and/or references prior to approval.

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Refer customers to me

This one sounds pretty easy, right? Here's how it works. Under NORMAL circumstances, I will give out a free month to someone who refers a paying customer to me. So if you're a paying customer, and you bring me a second paying customer, you get a free month's hosting. However, if you refer me someone who pays the whole year up front (the discount still applies, it's $60 not $72), then I could see myself giving out some free hosting. Essentially this is a two-for-one deal. Here's a hint: Find that paying customer before you come to me.

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