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Draw The Ferret, Get a Website!

I have a main character. He is a slightly heavyset white anthropomorphic ferret. He has been drawn clothed, but this is purely optional. However, he will always be wearing a "geek belt", with various palmpilots, computers, testing equipment, cell phones, pagers, and other wierd stuff in it. The various electronic bits are usually wired all together. He also is always seen wearing a VR headset, which is usually perched up on his forehead, although he has been known to walk around with the thing down. People enjoy tripping him when this happens. *grin*. There are also various bits of electronics about his wrists, upper arms, et cetera.

The headset itself can take several forms, either a thin set of goggles or a big, heavy old-school VR set (see Johnny Mnemonic or Lawnmower Man for examples).

His physiology is interesting. He walks upright, but he is very much a ferret. His head, much like a true ferret, is almost perfectly conical, with a longish neck His body is generally slender, and his back has an almost parenthetic arch to it (like a ( sign). All his limbs are rather short, no larger than his head.

His hindpaws are digitgrade, with very small claws (ferrets actually have rather long non-retractable claws). His forepaws have short stumpish but functional fingers (usually four and a thumb), also with slight claws. Whether he walks flat-footed, or on his toes, is up to you.

His eyes are blue. Deep, intense blue. Dune blue. Let's put it this way. His eyes are blue like an Albino animal's eyes are pink. There is a smaller, slightly darker blue pupil, but it's not very noticable (you can see the pupil in albino animals if you look real close, btw). In an original iteration, the blue were contacts over standard albino pink eyes, but the color has become natural.

He has a tail, it's white like the rest of him, but like in most ferrets, it just kinda hangs down, never standing upright like a cat's. The only real sign of emotion a ferret will show with their tail is that it will "bottle brush" when they are nervous or excited. There's no real movement.


There are a number of illusions about how my character looks. If it looks wrong because of the following, you're actually probably on the right track.

• His legs should not look like they can support his body weight. If it looks like after the next step, he's going to flop on his belly, then you're doing okay. He should look almost like he shouldn't be able to walk

• His forearms should look like they are unable to reach his belt. Yeah, I know, it's wierd, but remember, ferrets flex and arch their back a great deal when they move, so upright, arm length should be almost too short.

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