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Privacy Policy

Rather than complicating our policy with legal mumbo-jumbo, I'll simplify our policy in a few short sentences.

A) Who Gushi Systems will give your personal information to.

Gushi Systems routinely requires its users to supply information such as full name, home address, telephone number and date of birth. Gushi Systems will not give out this information to any third parties. Period. The exceptions to this are when Gushi Systems is served with legal documents such as court orders or subpoenas requesting this information for a relevant reason (such as when the server is the instrument of a DOS attack), or in the event Gushi Systems is having difficulty contacting customers regarding past due billing and decides to seek a collection agency. To date, neither of these have ever happened.

When Gushi Systems registers a domain name for a user, we will A) Explain what information is going to be made public via standard domain WHOIS records (usually full name, address and phone), or B) Register the domain to Gushi Systems' PO Box (this is more likely).

B) How Gushi Systems will use your personal information.

Gushi Systems treats its customer data with the utmost of care, and while full names are occasionally connected to full accounts, this is generally only done with over-18 users, and this information is changeable by users or by requesting help of the system administrator. There is of course no charge. Note that this information is only visible to other system users and by default shows nothing more than full name (although the user may himself elect to list things like his location and phone number).

The ONLY person who will have access to your information such as birth date is the System Administrator, or the Billing Manager. This is a short list, of one or two quite-trusted people. These people understand the value of your privacy, and are under strict agreement not to is-use any information they have access to. In plain English, this means me, and my Girlfriend, a strong part of the Gushi Systems community.

You may be contacted by phone or snail-mail to verify your identity, or if we are unable to reach you in other ways. Of course, if you request that we do or do not contact you via any means you provide, we will respect that. Our users mean a lot to us, and we intend to show that.

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