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Hi. I'm Gushi, also known IRL as Dan Mahoney. You can read more about me here. But that's probably not why you're here. You want to know about web hosting, which is something I do because I enjoy, and because I like giving people a place to express themselves. So...everything you wanted to know about my hosting plan, but were afraid to ask? Well, here it is, in Plain English:

For six bucks a month, I'II give you webspace, enough to store your site ( and two subdomains ( and No banner ads, no watermarks, no popups, just clean fast webspace.The combined total of your sites can be up to a gigabyte if you really need that much. Rather than putting emphasis on how much transfer you are allowed to do, I simply request that you not put up things that will get the server slammed (like your mp3 collection or the latest copy of Photoshop, for example).Treat things with respect, that's all I ask. I consider my server a community of friends. Almost everyone on there was referred by someone else, in some way.

Questions so far? IM me and ask!

Here's where I soapbox a bit

I am a regular guy. I am not some big greedy megacorporation. I am friendly and treat my clients like friends, not like numbers. I'm willing to help people out if they need it, and I'm willing to help you use the technologies I've laid out for you to your advantage. Otherwise I wouldn't have laid them out *grin*. My rules are simple and in plain English. My users aren't lawyers, I don't talk to them like they are.

Whew, that wasn't so bad, was it?

I have a reasonably powerful (and very stable) server on a reasonably fast line, and can run any of the counters/message boards/chat scripts that most people like having on their site. You get an email box, that you can log into with either webmail or outlook express. You can forward any or all of your mail anywhere you like, or just check it on the server. If you wanted to give your friends email, you could, just by forwarding it to their own address. Heck, if you want, I have the ability to point a subsection of your own site at your home computer, even if your ip changes frequently.

In return I ask the paltry sum of $6 a month. It's pretty affordable (and there are ways to make it even cheaper, like paying six months in advance, or referring other customers to me), If $6 a month is too much for you, contact me (use the methods below) and make me an offer. I understand that people have budgets and limits. Be honest with me and I'l work with you. I promise.

Have questions? No matter how silly you may feel they are, just IM me and ask. I'm a friendly guy, who loves to help. No pressure. Just answers. What are you waiting for?

-Gushi AKA Dan Mahoney

Full Info:

Account Access for modifying site SSH, FTP, SFTP, Web-Based-Editor
Email Access POP3, IMAP, SMTP, Webmail, or you can just forward some or all to an outside account.
Number of E-Mail forwards Unlimited, user-configurable. (By default goes to you)
Number of POP3 logins One. Additional available at extra charge.
Server Technologies Supported PHP5, CGI, Server Side Includes, MySQL*, Frontpage Server Extensions*, SSL**.
Traffic Limit None if you follow the rules: no warez, no mp3s. Adult Art is totally okay as long as you follow the rules.
Disk Space Limit 1 GB max.
Extra Subdomains Included 2 ( and don't count toward this).

*Requires additional setup (no charge), not enabled by default.
**Requires additional setup and certificate from a certifying authority.


Basic Web Hosting Package $6 a month, $30 for six months, $60 for a year.
Additional POP3/Site Accounts (includes optional subdomain) $1 per month
Domain Name Registration (through $9.20/year
Additional Subdomain Setup (no extra account). $1 setup fee, one time.

You can read a FAQ list I have compiled. If you have questions not covered there, I encourage you to Email Me or use the AIM widget below to contact me that way. System Administrators are online a lot :)

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[paid hosting plans]  [free hosting offers]  [link to me]  [sign up!] 
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