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Acceptable Use Policy

1) Don't spam. You may not use Gushi Systems networks, servers, web sites, or other systems to send, or enable the sending of mass, unsolicited commercial email. Violation of this policy is grounds for immediate termination of services.

2) Don't share your password. Not with your parents. Not with your friends. Not with your brother. Not with harvey your pet wonder hamster. Unless you get permission from the System Administrator, your password is yours and yours alone. Measures are in place that routinely scan for multiple logins from varying ip addresses, and you WILL be questioned on this if you break it.

3) Don't use "weak", i.e. easily guessable/crackable passwords. This compromises the security of the system and puts other users at risk. Systems are in place to both make sure you use strong passwords and to scan for weak ones. We will tell you if you need to change yours.

4) Don't screw with other sites/users on the servers. As a system user, you should know that we log commands and ftp sessions, as well as periodically scanning users' processes. If we suspect something is up, we will investigate.

5) Don't use the servers to atack other users/networks/sites (off server). This will really annoy us. We will bring up criminal and civil charges if we find evidence of this behavior. Don't make us cranky.

6) Don't put unnecessary load on the system. This equates to running badly-written CGIs/php scripts that consume resources and/or uploading content that people tend to "leech" just because it's there. Of course, violation of this policy will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

7) If you feel like uploading anything that's not G-rated, disclaimer the thing. Your web site is public, but it's also representative of us as a community. Just a quick "hey there are naked bits, you better be of legal age if you click this" will suffice in most cases. If we have some annoyed parent complaining to your upstream (this means me, by the way) about the content on your site, then we will be inclined to have a look.

8) Don't upload copyrighted materials, unless of course you hold the copyright or you cite the reference. There may be minor breaches to this that will not be seen, but if I have RIAA complaining about the 3000 mp3's in ~bob, see above.

Most of the above amounts to common sense, and common courtesy. If you can do the above, we will get along just fine :)

-Dan Mahoney, System Admin
Last Modified September 2, 2002

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[pre-sales faq]  [user faq]  [privacy policy]  [acceptable use policy]  [porn???]  [pay]
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